Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stepford Wife Schedule

7:00 Rise and Shine
Let your fou fou puppies out (make your bed)
reading, journaling and coffee

8:00 Simply Stepford Day Spa
Arobics, treadmill or a swim in the Stepford pool

9:00 *Perfect Hair and Makeup
(clean the bathroom when you are finished, make it "guest" ready)

10:00 Breakfast

Domestic Time
Follow your list, wear your apron. Can get groceries in this time slot. But be back home
by 12:45

1:00 Lunch
Salad with tuna, homemade soup or small sandwich

Mini Battery Recharge

4:00 Tea Time
Tea with a fruit and cheese (even cottage cheese)

Free Time
read, take a walk, manicure, pedicure etc.
Time can slot can also be used for baking.

6:30 Start Dinner

7:00 Dinner
(after dinner, clean the kitchen, make the sink shine)

8:00 Time with your husband
Dress cute, no company after 8:00

12:00 Full Battery Recharge
Wash face, brush teeth, sleep in a cute

*Important to a Stepford Wife. Always look your best. You want your husband to see you at your best. Beauty is of the utmost importance. Eat all meals Promptly at the time scheduled, only at the table with a cloth napkin and proper etiquette. Eat slowly and put down your fork between bites. Only eat until satisfied.

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