Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Description of a Stepford Wife


There is a smile on her face all of the time.

Very ladylike, submissive, pretty, tender, refined, kind, gentle, feminine, sweet, frilly, soft, hospitable. She has a positive attitude, happy voice, all she says is uplifting. Loves to be domestic. Follows ettiquette in all situations.

Shy, quaint, flirty, soft voice.

She is always presenting food.


She has her boundaries. She is a busy girl. So many floors to wax....so many bathrooms to clean....

She is too busy to go visiting or shopping. Exceptions: decorating purposes, grocery shopping, Simply Stepford Day Spa or to a garden tea.

She is be too busy for idle chit chat on the phone. She is keeping her home clean, gardening, ironing, doing things with your husband.

She has a positive attitude, happy voice, uplifting talk.

When she does talk to you, she only speaks positive: She is doing great. Everything is wonderful. Everyone is doing fine. They had a great time. She will never talk politics or sports or any other "man talk".
She will gladly talk about housework, recipes, shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning products.
Never, Never, Never negative! She will not talk about another person, ever. No gosssssip. No taxes, sickness, problems, troubles..... only butterflies and sunshine :)

She is hospitable if you come to her home. She will have something freshly baked. She will have tea with you.

She can put a party together like nobody's business.

A Stepford wife's priorities:

She adores her husband. She is always available to her him. She is his sex kitten!

Her home can be discribed as immaculate and spotless. She does her chore list. She keeps her home inviting and calm. Her home always smells good and feels comfortable. She works in the garden. (with a hat and pretty gloves!) She always has something to do. Cooking. Cleaning. Polishing. Busy.

She is always providing for her families needs.

She always looks her best. She always has perfect makeup, hair and clothes.


Taking care of her family and home. Cleaning, ironing, washing, waxing, baking, cooking.....

She loves to read books on ettiquette, decorating, cooking.....

She likes to organize her closets and drawers.

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